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Lancashire, United Kingdom
Mercury SportsMercury SportsMercury Sports

Who We Are

MercurySports LTD is a global sports management and marketing agency providing solutions for the best sports properties and athletes around the world. We scouts, develop and promote, handling over jaw dropping contracts.

We acquire, provide, equip, and maintain sporting and recreational facilities of all kinds

To creates for every of our clients platform for success. We are committed to giving our athletes undue advantaged over their contemporaries on their way to stardom. Absolutely cut out for helping the weak and truly encourage the strong till dreams are achieved, existing records broken and new boundaries set
We target young talents with bright prospect to grow on all fronts.

We hold and partner with organizers of various sporting competitions to harness best talents

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We are master of the terrain

We have a strong team of ex sport personnel with great managerial skills and acute sport business know-hows

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